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Apr 27, 2022

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How can I use my CAA Membership on a road trip?

Road trips are fun—until the unexpected happens. Before you leave home, download the CAA Mobile App—it’s the best way to contact us if you need roadside assistance. Submit your request on the app by checking off the type of service you require, your car info and current location. We will schedule one of our service technicians to find you and handle your emergency to get you back on the road.

The CAA Mobile App also comes in handy for hotels and activities during your trip. Book your hotel and save with CAA Rewards partners. You can easily make hotel reservations on your phone while you’re on the road or anytime you need accommodations. The CAA app can also help you find car rentals, local restaurants, shopping options and nearby attractions. Taking the app on your road trip will give you access to CAA Rewards partners wherever you go, near or far. So, don’t leave home without it!

With fuel costs rising, how can we save gas on summer road trips?

While Members now save 3 cents/L at participating Shell locations across Canada, there are even more ways to economize every drop of fuel.

Before leaving home, get a maintenance check-up at a CAA Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) facility. AARS is a network of repair facilities that have been appraised, approved and recommended by CAA. They’ll replace old spark plugs and change dirty air filters. Next, check your tires. Keep pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended PSI, ensure tires are properly aligned to optimize mileage, and check the tread: A better grip means better mileage.

When packing the car, consider weight. Fuel efficiency decreases approximately two percent for every additional 5 kg, so clear your trunk of unnecessary items and travel with a packed roof rack only when needed. At the pump, don’t use premium gas unless your vehicle requires it. (The only difference you’ll see is a bigger hit to your wallet.) Keep a log of your mileage with each fill-up: If fuel efficiency suddenly declines, it could be a sign of engine problems.

On the road, moderate driving is one of the easiest ways to save gas, so slow down and avoid jack rabbit acceleration. Driving on the highway? Use cruise control when possible, as a constant speed improves gas mileage. When stopped, avoid idling—which uses more gas than starting the car—and try to park in the shade to keep your vehicle cool.

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