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Apr 27, 2022

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How a CAA Member rolls with it on summer vacation

Jen Cawson remembers childhood summers filled with beaches, bonfires and boisterous fun at her family’s seasonal campsite. Now with a family of her own, the CAA Member wanted to create some of those same memories for her boys.

Last summer, the foursome headed out to Selkirk Beach, where a Gulfstream trailer was waiting for them at the campground. CAA Rewards partner Roll With It Rentals let the family pick the perfect trailer, delivered it right to their site, and included trailer essentials, from water to A/C. All the Cawsons had to do was try not to burn the s’mores around the campfire. “It was definitely more glamping than camping,” laughs Jen, adding that her kids loved the slide-out bunks and playing music on the trailer’s Bluetooth speakers.

The family balanced beach time with a trip to the Marine Museum of Manitoba, walks along the river trail, board games and, of course, bonfires. Jen even got to test out a Pinterest hack for a fast light: Collect lint from your dryer and set it inside a cardboard toilet paper roll. Arrange wood around the toilet paper tube and light the roll. “I was so impressed with how quickly it started.” It’s just one camping tip she hopes her boys will pass down to their own kids someday to make even more Cawson family vacation memories.

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