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Jun 3, 2019

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Trailer talk.

Trailers act as giant trunks, allowing you to safely stow gear, supplies, water toys and more. Before you step on the gas, follow this checklist from Charlie Farmer, CAA Manitoba's fleet supervisor.

  • Verify vehicle's towing capacity in owner's manual and ensure you have the right hitch—from Class I (up to 2,000 lb) to Class V (up to 12,000 lb).

  • Check tires for pressure and wear.

  • Ensure turn signals, brake and running lights are functional.

  • Inspect wheel bearings and lubricate as needed.

  • Inspect leaf springs on the trailer and look for cracks in each leaf.

  • If the trailer has a ball-hitch, lock the latch and secure safety pin. On fifthwheel hitches, fully insert the bar and secure safety pins.

  • Safety chains should be connected in an X pattern under the hitch.

  • If trailer is equipped with emergency braking, ensure the battery is charged.

  • Ensure the load is secure before leaving. Check again at pit stops.

Is your RV accessible?

Travelling with seniors, kids or people with mobility challenges? Follow these helpful hints for a safe and comfortable ride.

  1. When buying a new motorhome or trailer, look for floor plans featuring larger bathrooms to better accommodate wheelchair users.

  2. Consider installing stairlift-style accessories. They really help anyone with mobility issues more easily enter and exit their RV.

  3. Travelling with young children? A typical 26- to 32-foot family trailer should have enough room to accommodate a standardsize crib.

  4. You can babyproof most RVs using the same gear you'd use in your home—electrical plug covers, cabinet latches and adjustable baby gates.

  5. Protect yourself on the road with CAA’s Plus RV or Premier RV coverage.

How to roast the perfect marshmallow.

Find a sturdy stick that's about as long as your arm. Whittle the tip to a point and wash it with a clean cloth.

Roast marshmallow about 10–15 cm above the glowing embers at the base of your fire. Don't stick it directly in the flame. Turn the stick slowly, like a rotisserie, to evenly cook the marshmallow.

After a few rotations, find a natural "oven" in the coals—a walled enclosure to reflect heat and cook the marshmallow's centre. Your 'mallow is ready when the skin is crisp and golden brown.

A large statue of a moose in front of a fence.


Drivable destinations perfect for a weekend away.

Go west: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

The southern Saskatchewan city is perfect for families—or 1920s mobsters. Moose Jaw's rumoured Al Capone connection remains a big draw. Take a selfie with Mac the Moose, once the world's tallest moose sculpture (it was recently dethroned by one in Norway), and check into the historic Grant Hall Hotel. Soak your cares away at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa, one of Canada's largest geothermal mineral pools. Sip honey wine at Prairie Bee Meadery, followed by a downtown mural walk. You can also hop aboard a steam locomotive at the Western Development Museum and tuck into a bacon cheddar burger at Rosie's On River Street.

Go east: Kenora, Ontario.

Many Manitobans blow through this city on the way to the cottage, but why not stop to visit Husky the Muskie for the weekend? Grab a timber-framed room at the Brewers Inn, borrow one of their California cruiser bikes and ride down to Keewatin Beach—or peddle a little farther to Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. For something more outdoorsy, head north to spend a night at Minaki Yurt Adventures. Take time to wander the trails through boreal forest. For a more urban experience, check out spectacular views of Lake of the Woods from a room in the circular Clarion Inn Lakeside. Grab lunch at the city's iconic Ye Olde Chip Truck before perusing unique shops downtown.

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Two people in a canoe on a river.

Outdoor fun.

Paddling spots.

Pristine lakes and rivers, perfect for an afternoon of canoeing or kayaking.

  1. Pinawa Channel: About an hour outside of Winnipeg, the waterway makes for a scenic day trip. Marvel at the cliffs of the man-made channel before you pass under the Pinawa Heritage Suspension Bridge. Navigate some fast but manageable rapids, and cool off under the waterfall drains at Pinawa Dam Provincial Park.

  2. Caddy Lake (Whiteshell Provincial Park): Connecting three canoe routes, this paddle takes you through solid granite tunnels, created when the railways were built at the turn of the 20th century. On the 169-km round-trip canoe loop, you're bound to see wildlife including loons, bald eagles or even black bears.

  3. La Salle River (La Barrière Park): Just beyond Winnipeg's city limits, this slowmoving, dam-controlled river provides the perfect opportunity for beginner paddlers to meander through mature forests of elm, ash, maple, oak and cottonwood.

Two-wheel treks.

Put your pedals to the pavement (or dirt) on these scenic cycling trails.

Yellow Ribbon Greenway: A paved, east-west path in Winnipeg. Roll past the Living Prairie Museum, take a break under the airport's flight path as jets pass overhead, or turn onto Sturgeon Creek Greenway Trail for a scenic ride.

Grand Beach Provincial Park Trails: Single tracks connect sand patches to rock gardens. Test your mountain bikehandling skills around obstacles made from natural features. Pass through mature Jack pine forests while you work up and roll down portions of hilly terrain.

North Hill Loop: A 6.2-km stretch in Brandon that uses portions of the mountain bike course from the 1997 Canada Summer Games. Snake up and down the north wall of the Assiniboine River Valley with its short, challenging climbs.

Gone fishin'.

Cast with these lures to reel in some of Manitoba's top fish species.

Fish: Walleye Lure: Half-ounce jig with 4- to 6-inch paddletail swimbait How to: Cast and let bait sink to bottom; swim it back to the boat, pausing frequently—fish often strike during a pause.

Fish: Northern pike Lure: 5/8–1-ounce weedless spoon How to: Cast or troll the spoon along the outside edge of a weeded bed.

Fish: Channel catfish Lure: Fresh or recently thawed chunk of sucker, goldeye, squid or shrimp on a hook How to: Attach a split shot 8 inches above hook; cast out so bait sits just off the bottom.

A group of girls eating a hamburger in front of an rv.

Cabin life.

Happy hour.

Whip up some "poptails": boozy ice pops. Omit alcohol for kid-friendly treats.

Blueberry-Rosé Lemonade. In a pitcher, combine 1 cup rosé wine and 2 cups lemonade. Scatter 1/3 cup fresh blueberries in ice pop molds. Pour lemonade mixture in molds, insert sticks and freeze overnight.

Cucumber Gin & Tonic. Peel and chop 2 cucumbers. In a blender, puree cucumbers, 1 cup fresh mint, 1/4 cup gin, 3/4 cup lime juice, 1/2 cup tonic water and a pinch of salt. Pour mixture in molds, insert sticks and freeze overnight.

What's your cabin style?

Update your home away from home with a few goodies from Bouclair: members save 5% in-store or online.

Mid-Century Mod. Clean lines, low-slung seating, abstract artwork.

Cabin Chic. Rustic charm, cozy fabrics, natural wood.

Modern Farmhouse. Reclaimed wood, industrial accents.

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