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Oct 23, 2020

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When the pandemic began, Jay Woo, president and CEO of CAA Club Group, sprang into action. Working with his CAA teams in Manitoba and Southern Ontario, Woo initiated programs that saw CAA working to help Members and the community at large. But he felt compelled to do even more during this time of crisis.

A licensed pilot for over two decades, Woo is a long-time volunteer with Hope Air. The organization provides free transportation to Canadians in financial need who require medical care away from home. As the calls for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be sent to remote communities ramped up, Woo realized his skill-set was needed.

"I delivered N95 respirators, surgical masks and face shields to remote northern areas," Woo says. "By air, volunteer pilots delivered more than 115,000 pieces of PPE to these northern communities." The experience is one Woo will not soon forget. "It's rewarding to know we've contributed to communities in their fight against COVID-19."

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