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Aug 30, 2023

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Class is in

CAA PARTNERS HAVE ALL THE GEAR on your school-supplies checklist—quality products to keep your student at the top of the class. Plus, get Member-exclusive savings or earn CAA Dollars® on purchases.

  • Laptop

  • Tablet

  • Headphones -- The latest electronics from The Source keep students connected to learning. Save up to 20% in-store and online.

  • Markers

  • Pencil crayons

  • Notebooks -- Encourage creativity with art supplies from Staples. Earn 3% in CAA Dollars for purchases through the CAA eStore.

  • Backpack -- Quality school bags from Roots will stand up to the wear and tear of life in school and beyond. Earn 10% in CAA Dollars for purchases through the CAA eStore.

  • Pencil case

  • Locker accessories -- Students can set up home base in their locker and keep supplies organized with the right gear from Walmart. Earn 1% in CAA Dollars for purchases through the CAA eStore.

  • Lunch kit

  • Snack box -- Shop Well.ca via the CAA eStore for stylish lunch bags, reusable snack boxes or insulated containers. Earn 5% in CAA Dollars.

School zone signs on a city street.

In the School Zone

SOME HEROES CARRY STOP SIGNS and go across roads. Some carry backpacks and watch over their younger peers. Young volunteers all across Canada, from grades 5 to 8, are helping their peers cross roads safely as part of the CAA School Safety Patrol® (SSP) program.

Much of patrol work involves watching for cars before releasing kids to cross the street or keeping rambunctious behaviour from getting out of hand.

Unlike crossing guards, Patrollers don’t direct traffic or accompany peers across the street. Their role is to ensure the roadway is safe before kids cross on their own.

In keeping with SSP’s role as a community program, CAA partners with local police and teachers to train these young volunteers. The benefits to school and community are huge as SSP reinforces safety around the school. And for the participating kids, gaining confidence and leadership skills will help them later in life.

School zone safety tips

Everyone has a role in keeping school zones safe.

Parents The most important thing for parents to remember is to be vigilant and take your time. Here are more school-safety tips:

  • Work out a morning routine that keeps you from feeling rushed or distracted.

  • Use designated drop-off zones and obey speed limits and other signs.

  • Consider carpooling, walking or cycling to ease drop-off traffic.

Children Kids, too, can benefit from a reminder to be on their guard at all times. Here are additional tips to ensure their safety:

  • Tell them to make eye contact with drivers to ensure they are seen before crossing the road.

  • Plan a route and make sure your children know the landmarks to make their way to school safely.

  • Consider using the buddy system, so no one walks or cycles alone.

Everyone When travelling to or from school, watch for CAA School Safety Patrollers in their lime-green vests, as they play an important role in keeping school zones safe.

Visit schoolpatrolmanitoba.com for more information on keeping school zones safe for everyone.

A young woman working on her laptop in her home office.

Dorm Sweet Dorm

SETTING UP NEW DIGS on or off campus? Here’s how you can embrace personal style while stretching your student budget.

Get tech Connect with The Source for electronics—including speakers, Wi-Fi range extenders and mobile phones—to keep study sessions (and the occasional party) going. Members save up to 20% on purchases in-store and online.

Lighten up A stand-out portable lamp from Bouclair adds function and style to dorm life at an affordable price. Members save 5% on purchases in-store and online.

Personal touch On-trend kitchen and decor items from Stokes help perk up a new home away from home. Members save 5% on purchases in-store and online.

Double duty Maximize functionality in small spaces with an ottoman from Ashley Canada that doubles as a chair or table. Members can earn 2% in CAA Dollars® when shopping through the CAA eStore.

Put a pin in it Highlight all the important stuff with a cork-board message centre plus thumbtacks from Staples. Members can earn 3% in CAA Dollars when shopping through the CAA eStore.

Hit the showers Stock up on bathroom items and cleaning essentials from Well.ca. Members can earn 5% in CAA Dollars when shopping online via the CAA eStore.

Snack attack The Ultimate Dining Card is a reloadable gift card for use at some of Canada’s most iconic restaurants, like Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s, meaning choices aplenty to satisfy cram-time cravings. Members save 5% when purchased online.

Use your CAA Membership card to save or earn CAA Dollars at CAA Partners. Visit caamanitoba.com/rewards to see all our partners plus details on how to access their offers.

A young woman working on her laptop in her home office.

Road ready

SO, YOUR STUDENT IS OFF TO POST-SECONDARY. It’s a big moment and there’s no shortage of planning—and concerns. One worry parents should not have is car care. Make sure your young scholars driving themselves to school are road-ready.

Winter maintenance

Ensuring a vehicle is well serviced is key to driving in wintertime without incident. As a CAA Member, you can rely on CAA Approved Auto Repair Services (AARSTM). These facilities meet stringent CAA standards for quality service, at fair prices.

Stay in charge

Don’t let your student’s battery power run low. CAA’s Mobile Battery Service will test, replace and recycle an old car battery—from your home or workplace, or even from the side of the road—in Winnipeg and Brandon. Delivery and installation are included at no additional cost.

Help you can trust

“What does that light on my dash mean?” Soon you won’t be there to field your young driver’s random auto questions. But your student can still get answers. CAA’s team of automotive experts provide Members with free consultation and advice. Call 1-866-464-6448.

Add a Member

Help keep new drivers safe on the road. Add them to your CAA Membership, so your young scholar will enjoy many of the benefits you do. Remember, CAA protects the person, not the automobile, which means coverage, no matter what vehicle they are in.

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