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Jun 3, 2019

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Simple ways to prep your home for warm weather.

When summer arrives, every homeowner's to-do list starts to grow. Exteriors need a little TLC; interiors need some prep for the warm months ahead. Here are five easy ways to tackle your list.

Testing, testing, 1-2-3.

Hold down the test button on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors until you hear a high-pitched noise. If the sound is faint, replace the alarm's battery. Test your smoke alarm by holding a smoking candle about 12 inches beneath it. (Cover your ears—it'll be loud!)

Keep your cool.

Changing your air conditioner's filter will help the system run cleanly and efficiently. Check that air can circulate properly around the outside of the unit—you need at least 18 inches clearance around the sides and about three feet above it. Trim shrubs or foliage as needed to create the clearance. If you don't have an air conditioner, dust off fan blades and ensure they're working properly.

Back to the yard.

You'll be enjoying your lawn more now, so start your mowing and watering routine. Pull out weeds or apply an eco-friendly herbicide. Shear hedges and train vines now while they are still manageable. Prune, water and feed your way to that summer garden oasis.

Repair the exterior.

The great Canadian winter can wreak havoc on your home. Freshen up with paint and protect against water damage and rot. Replace crumbling grout; scrub mold or mildew off with diluted bleach; and re-caulk door and window seals to increase energy-efficiency. Repair driveways and walks with concrete caulk or asphalt crack sealer.

Mind your coverage.

Your home is your biggest asset, so be sure it's properly protected. Dig out your current policy to see if you have water coverage—it's become the number one risk for homeowners. CAA's insurance brokers can assess your current insurance, even if you're with another provider.

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