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Apr 11, 2023

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AS TECHNOLOGY HAS ADVANCED, so have we, and that has driven some exciting innovations at CAA Manitoba.

In December, we opened our first CAA Manitoba kiosk at the Outlet Collection Winnipeg mall—a bright, inviting space near the Nike Store entrance. The goal is to engage and educate Members on everything that comes with their membership, beyond roadside assistance.

At the kiosk, you can quickly get a passport photo, an International Driving Permit, information on where you are travelling, tips on how to download and take advantage of the CAA App, or perhaps just a chat with a CAA Customer Service Representative who will answer your questions.

If you can’t get to our kiosk or a local store, there’s so much you can do online or in the CAA Manitoba App. Our brand-new travel insurance site will let you buy travel insurance—without intrusive health questions or upselling—by simply answering seven questions. That’s it. You can buy insurance months before you travel or on the day you leave. It’s that easy (find out more at caamanitoba.com).

We partnered last spring with Maple, so our Members have access to a nurse practitioner within minutes. Depending on your level of membership, the online virtual visit is free or discounted (for details, visit caamanitoba.com/maple).

If you need help on the road because your vehicle or bicycle has broken down, you can get assistance via our app, which is available for iOS and Android. With just a couple of taps and some help from GPS, we will come to you.

And speaking of apps, did you know that our latest innovation will save you money? We teamed up with Shell to get all Members three cents off each litre of gas when using the Shell app. Once set up, it’s easy to use. Drive to the Shell station, open the app, tap in the gas station pump number and fill up. The discount shows up right on the pump, so you know exactly what you’re paying. Then drive off. So easy—and you still get your Air Miles.

Not sure how to set up these apps?

Come to a CAA Store for assistance. Or drop by our new kiosk in the Outlet Collection mall. We look forward to seeing you there.

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