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Aug 27, 2021

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Can you explain the recent changes to Autopac?

The new changes to Autopac are some of the most notable we’ve seen in over a decade. The updates mean you will enjoy significant benefits—while keeping your insurance costs as low as possible. Three changes of note are:

  • increased Basic deductible

  • increased third-party liability coverage

  • increased maximum insured value per vehicle

By far, the biggest change Manitobans will notice is the deductible—the amount you pay to MPI when you make a claim. The new Basic rate rises to $750 up from $500, and will likely reduce the number of claims (since damage under $750 no longer benefits from making a claim). Options to reduce your Basic deductible remain unchanged.

Another big change: the third-party liability Basic coverage increases from $200,000 to $500,000. But that may not be enough. CAA recommends a minimum of $2 million in coverage, especially if you travel outside of Canada.

The Basic maximum insured value per vehicle is increasing to $70,000 (from $50,000). If the replacement value of your vehicle is higher, you can purchase Excess Value Coverage.

These changes mean MPI can keep the base Autopac premiums lower, which in turn allows you to get Basic plus any relevant extension coverages at a cost similar to what you’ve been paying to date. Of course, the very best way to reduce your insurance cost is to increase your driver safety rating. The best rating of 15 points entitles you to a 33-percent discount. So safety is always the best policy!

Learn more about Autopac services offered at your nearest CAA Store.

I’ve seen people out walking with ski pole-like sticks, and I know you sell them at CAA Stores. What are they?

They are Nordic walking poles—and they’re becoming increasingly popular in North America and across the globe. The poles are easy to use, offer health benefits and improve stability. Clinical studies show that walking with poles is much more effective than walking without them.

The poles provide low-impact, moderate intensity exercise, while actively engaging your muscles and cardiovascular system. Walking, jogging or training on a stationary bicycle or treadmill generally uses about half of your muscles. Adding poles to your routine activates more than 90 percent of your muscles with each stride.

A half-hour of Nordic walking provides the same health benefits as about 55 minutes of regular walking at the same pace. Using poles provides a full-body workout with resistance training for your arms, shoulders, back and core.

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Research also shows users can achieve many other health benefits with regular use of the poles (2-4 times/week): improved balance, better posture, greater bone density and increased metabolism. Users also report feeling stronger and more confident in their exercise programs.

Given the benefits, you have nothing to lose by trying Nordic pole walking. It’s an easy and inexpensive activity. To purchase a set, visit caamanitoba.com/nordixx or drop by your local CAA Store.

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