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Feb 4, 2020

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Namaste, naps & novice yogis.

Don't let the name fool you: There's more to Yoga Public than planks and downward dogs. Yes, the Winnipeg studio offers top-notch yoga classes, ranging from total newbie to expert poser, but it also hosts innovative workshops for mind, body and soul.

A crystal "sound bath" will recalibrate your inner being through the healing tones of quartz crystals and Tibetan singing bowls. Or if you're just plain tired, take a napping class to truly perfect the art of snoozing in a colourfully lit meditation room.

Of course, grownups shouldn't have all the fun. At Brandon's Open Hearts studio, young yogis can take classes tailored to kids and teens. Yoga for athletes helps hone conditioning while classes for teen girls promote self-love and confidence.

Move it! Move it!

Indoor workouts to stay fit while having fun.

Boxing meets aerobics at The Community Gym. The Winnipeg studio's Crush class combines bag work and boxing basics with body-pumping moves set to music.

Rock climbing improves flexibility, increases stamina and tones muscles. Get your climb fix on the nine-metre tall wall at Southport's Central Plains RecPlex.

Try a celeb-fave Lagree Megaformer at The Fitual in Winnipeg. The contraption uses high-tech spring-loaded resistance for a total body workout in 40 minutes.

The great outdoors.

Active diversions to embrace the waning weeks of winter.

Pound the pond during Minnedosa's Skate and Rock the Lake (Feb. 15 & 16), an outdoor hockey tourney and curling "pondspiel." Register your team online.

Crokicurl combines the slide of Crokinole with the sweeping action of curling to form one perfect winter pastime. Invented in Winnipeg in 2017, the life-size mash-up requires ice skills, precision and more than a little luck. Hurry hard and play an outdoor round at The Forks.

Saddle up for a trail ride at Falcon Beach Ranch in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. The ranch matches riders with horses based on animal temperament and human skill level to ensure a smooth ride. Expert guides teach horsemanship skills to riders of all ages and abilities.

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