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Apr 10, 2023

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SUNSHINE, blooming perennials, warm weather—there’s no better inspiration to spring clean than to step outside and soak in the new season. Spring cleaning not only refreshes your home, but alerts you to issues in your space that could potentially be problematic. Here’s a checklist to get you started.

CLEAN THE DRYER VENT Not only does lint buildup affect your dryer’s performance, it also poses a high risk of a house-hold fire. Even if you clean the lint trap after each use, the vent (accessed from the outside of your house) should be cleaned once a year and checked regularly for buildup.

INSPECT YOUR KITCHEN AND BATHROOM CAULK While you scrub the grime off your bathtub and kitchen sink, check the caulk for deterioration. Cracks lead to leaks—deal with them immediately.

EMPTY THE EAVESTROUGHS Chances are your eavestroughs have suffered a long winter. Clear them out and ensure that water frains away from the walls and the foundation.

CHECK YOUR HOME’S FOUNDATION “Springtime always brings water-claim issues,” notes Kathy Metalinos, a brokerage manager at CAA Club Group. Water damage is often the result of faults in a home’s foundation. Examine your house for cracks or imperfections, and plan to re-grade the area if necessary to help keep it dry.

REVIEW YOUR HOME INSURANCE POLICY Whether you’re planning for renovations or have purchased a high-value item like jewellery or a musical instrument, take the time to review your home insurance policy and notify your broker of any changes, says Metalinos. Your future self will thank you.

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