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Oct 30, 2020

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Why the right coverage is more important than ever.

The pandemic has thrown the entire world a curveball and made everything uncertain, especially travel. As we start to explore again, buying insurance is a vital part of the travel process, but what do you need? How much of it? And when should you buy it? Gayle Stead, a Travel Consultant with CAA Manitoba, breaks down what you need to know about this vital safety net.

What are the different types?

There's emergency medical travel insurance and trip cancellation and interruption insurance, and we offer a Vacation Package plan that includes both. Our Emergency Travel Medical plan covers emergency medical expenses such as seeing a physician, emergency dental, ambulance, hospitalization and prescription drugs. Our Non-Medical Vacation package provides trip cancellation, trip interruption and baggage insurance. Trip cancellation coverage starts the moment you purchase a policy, while trip interruption starts as soon as you leave on vacation.

Do I need coverage within Canada?

When travelling beyond Manitoba, consider an affordable Canada Plan, which has no stability period, no medical questionnaire and covers you up to $5,000,000. It also covers medical costs that Manitoba Health does not cover, such as ground/air ambulance, prescription drugs and emergency dental bills.

When should I buy a plan?

For emergency medical insurance, you should purchase insurance before you leave the province and ensure it covers you until you return home. I strongly recommend purchasing within a month prior to your trip. For cancellation/interruption insurance, buy it within 72 hours of booking a trip. With CAA Travel Insurance, the "cancel for any reason" benefit covers up to 75 percent of your trip from the moment you purchase it, provided you booked your travel arrangements with CAA Travel. The benefit covers 50 percent if you booked elsewhere.

I have coverage through my employer and my credit card. Is it enough?

It's increasingly common for employers and credit providers to offer some level of travel insurance coverage, but it may not be enough for your needs. You should check your coverage limits, how many days the policy covers, if you need a stability period and if any dependents you may have are covered. After examining your policy, you may want to consider topping up your coverage.

Can I cancel travel due to COVID-19?

Trip cancellation/interruption insurance covers unforeseen circumstances. With a Canadian travel advisory currently in effect, insurance companies may consider COVID-19 to be a known issue—meaning coronavirus-related claims might not be covered if you travel outside of Canada. When in doubt, contact a CAA Travel Insurance Associate or visit us online: caamanitoba.com/insurance.

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