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Aug 27, 2021

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Members use CAA Dollars to turn feed into flights and more

“The bison don’t miss us when we’re gone, and frankly, we don’t miss them,” laughs Iris Overby, as she muses about travel and getting away from her 3,000-acre farm. Admittedly though, she and husband Ken owe their travels to the burly herd on their ranch near Teulon.

The couple, CAA Members for over 20 years, have paid very little out of pocket for travel—the entire cost of some trips has been covered by their CAA Dollars balance, which was primarily earned through the CAA Rewards program.

Over the years, the couple has earned thousands of CAA Dollars. They amass their large CAA Dollars balance by making strategic purchases with CAA Rewards partners. Be it a large purchase for the farm or smaller purchases for their home, the Overbys have maximized the potential of CAA Rewards.

They’ve vacationed in Cancun, Las Vegas, Fairbanks and Phoenix; headed east to Charlottetown to watch their daughter play basketball for Team Manitoba; and attended a bison conference in Quebec City.

Another benefit of using their CAA Dollars? Convenience. “We’ve always been very happy with the great service we get from CAA when we book vacations,” Ken says. “We don’t even bother looking at travel websites. Instead we call CAA Travel and they take care of all of the trip details.”

They’ve also been thankful for CAA’s roadside assistance. As Iris says, life in rural Manitoba offers ample opportunities for getting stuck in snowbanks (their daughter Jillian had to be pulled out of one last winter) or needing a tow.

CAA Dollars can also be used to pay for CAA Membership itself. So as long as the bison are hungry, the Overbys are covered!

Learn more about CAA Rewards and CAA Dollars.

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