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Feb 6, 2024

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CAA Members show off their passions with personalized licence plates

While many Manitobans wear their hearts on their sleeves, displaying your love on a bumper takes it a step further. For the past few years, CAA Members Larry Bremner and Linda Lee have expressed their passions via personalized licence plates: EVALU8 and KERYBLU.

The partners own Proactive Information Services Inc., which helps non-profit and public-sector clients “evaluate” their programs and services—what works and areas that need some improvement. The company’s culturally responsive and inclusive approach appeals to organizations across Canada, Eastern Europe, Argentina and Mongolia.

As Linda says, wherever the job takes them, they utilize thoughtful evaluation to create a better world. “Our clients enjoy seeing our EVALU8 plate, while strangers who ask about it learn a little something about what we do,” she adds.

Larry and Linda also field lots of questions when they pull up to dog shows in their other car with its KERYBLU plate. For more than 25 years, they’ve owned Kerry Blue Terriers, a breed of working farm dogs whose name derives from an Irish county and the colour of their coat as they age.

The couple has competed with their Kerries in dog shows, agility and herding competitions across Western Canada. They look forward to future events with their current Kerry girl, two-year-old Lucy.

“She’s such a great traveller. On our most recent road trip, she loved meeting new people and dogs,” says Linda, noting how CAA Travel maps and guides keep their travels safe and swift. And no road trip is complete without their distinctive personalized plates, which demonstrate Linda and Larry’s perfect work-life balance.

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