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Aug 26, 2022

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Manitobans helping Manitobans

Earlier this year, we launched our new tagline: Driven by Good. It’s inspired by our Associates, who consistently do good every day, in both small and big ways—from helping each other to helping our Members and helping their neighbours.

While there were many reasons for this update, the biggest was the opportunity to showcase how everything CAA Manitoba does comes from the ultimate goal of doing good in our communities and in everyone’s lives.

This inspiration has resulted in many new services, like our free CAA Life, Dental and Health Insurance Advisory Service, where you can get expert advice on the best insurance solutions for you, from companies like Manitoba’s own Canada Life and many others. We hope to answer your questions and help you make decisions that are best for your family.

This fall, we are also launching Optional Auto, a new auto insurance product so you can buy additional auto and liability coverage with more variety and competitive rates.

Keep your eye out for our free, no-nonsense guide to the jargon used in the auto insurance industry to help you fully understand the terms in everyday language.

Over at our online store, we’re growing our product offerings and have signed up numerous new local partners. Members frequently get discounts and rewards in CAA Dollars while supporting small, local businesses.

Earlier this year, our parent organization made several donations to three charities, including SickKids Foundation, Black Youth Helpline and The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, which will help build the Indigenous Community Healing Space at HSC.

And in the meantime, we have our eye on the upcoming Winnipeg and Brandon civic elections on Oct. 26. Our research shows that roads, infrastructure and safety continue to be top concerns. We are engaging with candidates to make sure Members’ voices are heard about vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and we strongly encourage everyone to vote.

Finally, as kids head back to school, remember to keep an eye out for our CAA Manitoba school patrols who are on the streets, keeping children safe. Because we can all be driven by good.

Timothy Scott President CAA Manitoba

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