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Aug 30, 2023

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AT CAA, WE ALWAYS SAY that Member safety is our top priority—and it always is. We do everything we can to invest in and help protect all our Members and road users in Manitoba, from drivers and transit users to cyclists and pedestrians.

But that top priority in our Members’ safety isn’t the only way we invest in our communities. Our parent company, CAA Club Group, made several investments in charitable organizations in Manitoba last year. These included $450,000 over three years in total donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and Black Youth Helpline, and we stay committed to charitable causes via donations to the Winnipeg Humane Society, Bear Clan Patrol and Harvest Manitoba.

As I was writing this column, Harvest Manitoba reported that 40,000 Manitobans used its food banks this past May. That is a recordbreaking number.

The Bear Clan Patrol uses its donations to monitor the streets in Winnipeg and Brandon and provide food and clothing assistance to those in need. Black Youth Helpline, which was founded in Manitoba, continues to offer culturally-relevant youth intervention, assessment services and family assistance across Canada. Meanwhile, over at the Children’s Hospital, our investment went directly to help build the Indigenous Community Healing Space for Indigenous children, which is anticipated to begin construction in 2024.

At the Winnipeg Humane Society, pets of all shapes and sizes are finding forever homes and are being spayed, neutered and nursed back to health. The staff and volunteers continue to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals, and not just those in their care.

Investing directly in food security and safety programs for our vulnerable communities, as well as supporting our youth and the welfare of animals, all help to enhance the wellness and safety of our Members and Manitobans.

You too can invest in your community and make a significant impact. Between this and the next issue of the magazine, Manitoba will have a provincial election—October 3, 2023. To find your polling district, voting location and to ensure you are registered to vote, go to ElectionsManitoba.ca. The website will also tell you which candidates are in your electoral district. Taking the time to know your local candidates and the issues is a way to invest in your community.

And investing in our communities means investing in everyone’s well-being. At CAA Manitoba, we will continue to do our best to invest in the safety of our Members as well as all Manitobans.

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