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Feb 4, 2019

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The Union Point Church is truly stuck in the middle: It’s sandwiched between four lanes of north- and southbound traffic along Highway 75. Rebuilt after a 1939 fire, the church originally dates to the 1880s when the village of Union Point buzzed with commercial activity from Red River steamboats and railway locomotives.

Though nearly all traces of the historic town have been lost to time, the church remains and is now recognized as a municipal historic site. Highway construction during the 1980s might’ve steamrolled it too, were it not for the cemetery beside the old structure. Planners made the wise decision not to pave over the final resting place of the local souls buried here. Those voices of the past—along with the ardent support of living residents—kept the church standing.

Though it’s middle of the road, geographically speaking, there is nothing boring about this religious roadside attraction.

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