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Feb 4, 2019

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However you choose to move, CAA is with you every step of the way.

As a Manitoban who enjoys outdoor activities, I count spring as the most invigorating season. And I’m not alone. As soon as the snow melts, kids start walking to school again, couples stroll with the dog to get coffee, and families set out on their first bike rides of the season. Our community comes alive with the promise of good weather for active transportation.

Research suggests Canadians increasingly want to use active transportation to improve their health and reduce their environmental impact. Consequently, communities across the country are focused on building for future uses. Whether it’s engineering safer streets or awareness campaigns to promote safe road sharing, infrastructure demands more attention than ever.

At CAA Manitoba, we focus on increasing safety for all road users. Whether you choose to drive or use public transit, walk or cycle, we believe your trip should be safe and easy. That’s why we regularly share recommendations with elected officials at all levels of government. Our influence is strong because it’s made up of a chorus of voices: your voices. Year after year, you call, write, answer surveys and vote in our Worst Roads campaign.

You may remember our pre-civic election poll. In partnership with Bike Winnipeg, the survey sought to address concerns on both sides of the car-bike relationship. The polling results provided the basis of our policy recommendations for the City of Winnipeg. We are committed to building on our momentum and working collaboratively with partners—not only to improve our infrastructure, but to encourage everyone to enjoy it to the fullest.

Our annual Worst Roads campaign, is another great equalizer for infrastructure. Cyclists and pedestrians, along with drivers and motorcyclists, vote for trouble spots on their commute. We invite you to share your thoughts again this year, so we can bring your concerns to the government.

Since our founding, CAA Manitoba’s approach to advocacy has always been informed by what matters to you. Gathering opinions across modes of transport helps us provide a better picture of the needs and desires in our community. This collaborative approach helps our government pinpoint and fix issues.

We’ll continue to work on your behalf, so your needs and safety are taken care of, whether you choose to use four wheels or two.

Timothy Scott President CAA Manitoba

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