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Feb 3, 2020

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Your safety was, is and always will be CAA's top priority.

CAA has always been obsessed with member safety. Whether it’s through our roadside assistance, advocacy work or protecting you at home or around the world, we are always driven to provide exceptional member experiences.

While our focus on member safety has been the backbone of the organization since our inception in 1904, we are now better able to service and protect you thanks to improved technology and resources.

This year, we introduced a new state-of-the-art predictive analytics engine to help us manage our fleet. It uses both real-time and historic data to let us know where breakdowns are most likely to occur, allowing us to position trucks where they are needed most ahead of time. We have also upgraded our fleet with more trucks on the road and newer equipment to handle today’s evolving cars.

We remain dedicated to providing clear expectations and updates when members need assistance. Since merging with our sister club in South Central Ontario, we are now able to utilize call centres in both provinces, when there is a high call volume, so you spend less time on hold. Our Service Tracker tool, introduced in 2016, provides live updates on estimated arrival times and the location of your CAA driver. Our phone lines are also updated with automated messaging during high call volumes.

All of these enhancements allow us to improve member experience and focus on your safety. For example, the average wait time for emergency roadside service was reduced by 10 percent in the past year—and we’re committed to lowering it even further.

While we strive to make every road service call a priority, sometimes there are members who need our help more urgently, such as those stuck on busy roads or highways, stranded in dangerously cold weather or who have children or pets locked in vehicles. We prioritize those calls above all and we know that if you were in this situation, you’d want the same. At CAA, we don’t just protect your car: We protect you.

Timothy Scott, President, CAA Manitoba

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