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Feb 6, 2021

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Your safety is our top priority

As we advocate for new and improved legislation, CAA Manitoba continues to keep top of mind the safety and care of you and your loved ones.

We have a strong history of protecting and advocating on behalf of all Manitoba motorists. Our voice is heard in business, schools, industry and government. Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about how transportation and road safety issues have evolved due to COVID-19. We continue to monitor these challenges:

  • Fewer vehicles on the road and the decline of public transit usage

  • Pedestrians outside being active and stepping into roads to maintain physical distancing

  • Street closures to allow for active transportation routes

  • Cycling and other means of transportation gaining popularity

  • Strained healthcare resources when responding to vehicle collisions

  • Excessive speed and stunt driving

Excessive speeding—50 km/h or more over posted limits—and stunt driving have exploded due to reduced traffic. Stunt driving includes: lifting a motor vehicle’s tires, intentionally losing traction, spinning, street racing, preventing other drivers from passing and driving too close to other vehicles. All forms of excessive speed and stunt driving can cause crashes resulting in serious injury or death to drivers, passengers and innocent bystanders.

CAA Manitoba recommends the provincial government send a stronger message to those who engage in risky driving behaviours. We’re calling on the province to bring in approaches, such as immediate roadside penalties, for excessive speeding and stunt driving.

Join these efforts by signing our petition at caamanitoba.com/stunting. At press time, we currently have over 1,000 signatures and every single one helps.

We continue to work with the City of Winnipeg as part of its Stakeholder Advisory Committee for their Road Safety Strategy, which is due out this year. We also participate in Manitoba Public Insurance’s External Stakeholder Advisory Group, where we provide feedback to MPI on road safety issues.

CAA’s School Safety Patrol (SSP) program, which has been around for more than 80 years, is busy with safety challenges due to COVID-19. CAA Manitoba provides suggestions for maintaining and cleaning shared equipment (such as vests and flags), while serving as a support to teachers and parents during the pandemic.

Whether advocating for road safety, working in the community with our SSP program, or providing travel, automotive and insurance services, CAA will continue to be obsessed with our Members’ safety. It’s our number-one priority. Please stay safe.

Timothy Scott, President, CAA Manitoba

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