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Nov 7, 2023

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THIS WILL BE MY LAST MESSAGE to Members for CAA Magazine, as I will be retiring as President and General Manager of CAA Manitoba at the end of this year. Just writing these words brings a flood of mixed emotions. While I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life, it’s hard to say goodbye to this fantastic organization and its people. The past 13 years have been a highlight in my career—leading the exceptional Associates at CAA Manitoba and working for a company that embodies its purpose and values of keeping our Members safe at home, on the road and abroad.

To all our Members, thank you for your continued trust and support of CAA Manitoba. You are the reason we continue to invest in and innovate our products and services to meet your needs now and beyond. Whenever I mention working at CAA to people I meet, the response is always sharing a story about how CAA has helped them— from rescuing loved ones off the side of the road, planning a dream vacation or fond childhood memories of following TripTiks on family road trips. It’s been a privilege to be part of an organization woven into the collective experience of so many Manitobans.

Behind all those experiences with CAA are our amazing Associates. I’ve had the honour of leading a diverse, incredible group who will go the extra mile to take care of our Members. When the pandemic hit more than three years ago, like many organizations, we faced unprecedented disruption to our business. But instead of wondering, “What do we do now?” our Associates asked, “How can we help?” This led to several community-focused initiatives, ranging from using our tow fleet to deliver essential groceries and medical supplies to local charities, to our Associates contacting Members aged 65 and older to inquire about their well-being. These are just a few of many examples of how our Associates live the values and purpose of CAA Manitoba through everyday actions.

In the next issue, you will be hearing from Jay Woo, President and CEO of CAA Club Group. CCG is the combined organization of CAA Manitoba and CAA South Central Ontario. Jay has been instrumental in the continued growth and success of the combined clubs and has personally been involved in many of the innovations that have contributed to that success. I hope you are as excited as I am to hear more from Jay about the future of CAA Manitoba in the coming issues.

With all that, I bid everyone a final farewell. And a warm thank you to all our Members and Associates. You have made the past 13 years a memorable experience for me.

All the best,

Tim Scott

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