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Apr 27, 2022

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Why insurance is the best bet for covering your pet’s health needs

Our fur babies do so much more than fetch balls and chase laser beams. Spending quality time with your pet—playing with your cat or taking the dog for a walk—decreases blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Pets also help improve our mental health: Studies have shown animal companionship can alleviate depression and loneliness.

You can reciprocate by taking care of their health needs with pet insurance. “It provides peace of mind,” says Dr. Philipp Schott, a veterinarian at Winnipeg’s Birchwood Animal Hospital. “If you have an unexpected emergency with your pet, insurance takes the worry out of caring for your loved one.”

Pet insurance takes the stress out of the unknown—and now you can save more on the cost. CAA Members receive an exclusive rate of 12 percent (up from 7 percent) off Pets Plus Us insurance. Here, we break down the basics of pet insurance to better cover your good boy or girl.

" If you have an unexpected emergency with your pet, insurance takes the worry out of caring for your loved one "

The financial 4-1-1

Plan options vary between insurance companies, but most include accident or accident and illness, with a cap on the total amount of annual coverage. Like other types of insurance, you pay a monthly premium, which is determined by numerous factors including the pet’s breed and your location. If you make a claim, you’ll also pay an annual deductible that ranges in cost based on your chosen policy (in addition to monthly premiums). A higher annual deductible will reduce your monthly premium cost. Visit caamanitoba.com/pets for an online quote.

Plans and claims

With an accident plan, if your pet gets injured and requires care, you’ll be reimbursed a certain percentage of your vet bill, based on your chosen plan (typically between 70 to 90 percent). You can also opt for a broader accident and illness plan. It might be worth the additional investment to truly get the peace of mind you want when it comes to your pet’s care. Consider this scenario: Your vet has prescribed a diet for your overweight dog. Should he experience a ligament rupture due to the extra weight, the injury may not be considered an accident—and you’d probably be on the hook for the full medical bill. But such an injury would likely be covered by an accident and illness plan.

What’s not covered?

Like health insurance for people, pre-existing conditions in your cat or dog may not be covered by pet insurance. This makes a good argument for getting pet insurance as soon as you get a pet, before they develop possible health conditions.

Consider add-ons

Part of responsible pet ownership calls for routine checkups and vaccines. Adding a wellness package helps you spread the cost of annual care over 12 months, avoiding large lump sum bills with each vet visit. A Flex Care Policy from Pets Plus Us covers services such as annual exams, vaccinations, heart-worm testing and/or medication, as well as flea and tick prevention.

An ounce of prevention can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road.

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