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Apr 30, 2021

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The smartest insurance options for outdoor living and seasonal toys

This year, more than ever, we’re eager to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. But summertime activities come with risks. Here’s a primer to ensure you’re protected while having fun in the sun.

Cottage life

Insurers may differentiate between year-round and seasonal cottages. They may offer different coverage, which could be limited to perils such as fire, lightening and falling objects, depending on the type of cottage and it’s utilization. Make sure you have enough coverage for the contents and outbuildings, like bunkies and boathouses.

Claim game

Whether a cottage is seasonal or year-round, you don’t need separate coverage. “You can add it to your homeowners policy,” says Ajay Bagwe, an insurance broker at CAA Manitoba. Some providers, however, do offer dedicated seasonal location policies—so you don’t have to make a claim against your primary homeowners policy.

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Pool smarts

Backyard pools and hot tubs are covered under a homeowners policy. “But we advise clients to get the maximum liability coverage,” Bagwe says. CAA Home Insurance policies offer up to $2 million in liability coverage, though it’s important to remember pools must be completely enclosed by a perimeter fence with a self-closing gate.


Boats valued under $5,000 are covered under CAA Insurance homeowners policies without liability coverage. You can purchase a watercraft policy, which may offer better coverage and prevent claims against your home policy. CAA Insurance Company covers boats up to a value of $40,000, though watercraft type, horsepower and speed also factor in.


Before you dust off summer toys, make sure they’re covered. Insurance for off-road motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs is not included in your homeowners policy, but it can be purchased separately through Autopac. You can contact an Autopac specialist at CAA Manitoba to discuss your coverage needs and ensure all of your gear is protected.

Park & rec

Your motorhome can be insured through Autopac. If you only use an RV seasonally, get Short-Term Autopac coverage, which ranges from 30 to 244 days. If you have a stationary, blocked-and-skirted mobile home that you use as a cabin, consider adding Seasonal Dwelling coverage through CAA Manitoba Insurance Brokers.

If you have any questions about what kind of insurance coverage is best for you, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right person!

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