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Jan 7, 2022

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Travellers often ask their hotel concierges for directions and restaurant recommendations, but there are many other things they can do to make your stay more enjoyable. Here are 12 ways a hotel concierge can assist you on your next trip.

1. Pre-check in requests

Most hotels send out pre-arrival emails to guests with information about on-site dining, spa services, recreation centres and safety protocols. The message will also include a reminder to contact the hotel concierge for any special requests, says Michael Lombardi, Ontario regional director of Les Clefs d'Or Canada, a professional association of hotel concierges.

“Guests are always welcome to contact their hotel’s concierge,” Lombardi says. “We love that we can start to build a relationship prior to check-in.”

2. Creating a trip schedule

If you have an extensive must-see list, speak with your concierge. They can make recommendations on the area’s best sights and activities that suit your interests. Plus, they can suggest the best way to get there and nearby places to eat and shop.

3. Reservations and tickets

Popular, upscale restaurants often have tables in reserve, but to access them, you need connections like your hotel concierge. “We will do anything possible to fulfill your requests,” Lombardi says. “Les Clefs d’Or members have established relationships with restaurant owners so guests can sometimes bypass a sold-out restaurant,” he says.

“We have also built relationships with event venues and ticket companies, creating access to pre-released and discounted tickets for guests,” Lombardi adds. But be realistic in your expectations as the pandemic has changed the protocols for many facilities.

4. Local knowledge

Les Clefs d’Or concierges strive to be knowledgeable individuals who keep up with the changes in their neighbourhoods, such as trendy restaurants or new shops, Lombardi says. “If for some reason we do not know the answer, we will find it for you.”

5. Office services

If you’re travelling for work, ask whether the hotel you’re staying at has a business centre in case you need access to a printer or other services. Your concierge can help arrange courier pickups, find shared workspaces or help set up a business meeting.

6. Arranging transportation

If you need help getting around, your concierge can arrange a taxi, rideshare or a car rental. They can also help you navigate the city’s bus, subway or streetcar routes and schedules.

7. Staying active while travelling

Your concierge knows which fitness facilities and gyms offer short-term passes. From pilates classes to running trails, a concierge can make fitness suggestions so you don’t miss a single workout.

8. Scheduling appointments

If you require a haircut, a professional shave or a personal shopper for a special event, a concierge may be able to find you a last-minute appointment.

9. Emergency help

Your computer died, your passport is missing or perhaps you simply forgot your toothbrush. Your concierge can help solve many problems that may arise during your stay, whether that means finding someone to fix your laptop or providing necessary toiletries.

10. Booking personal services

If you require services such as pet grooming, dog walking or even childcare, your concierge may be able to recommend a reliable person. They can also help to set up hair and makeup appointments right in your hotel room if you have a special occasion to attend.

11. Special events planning

Whether it’s a special birthday celebration, an anniversary or a marriage proposal, your concierge can assist. They can recommend a local florist, bakery or even a jeweller.

12. Helping with medical needs

If you require a doctor, need to have a prescription filled or a wheelchair for your trip, your concierge can recommend a nearby walk-in clinic, pharmacy or a place that rents mobility devices.

Concierges can help make your hotel stays more pleasant, so don’t be shy about asking them questions or making a request. It’s important to be realistic about the extent of their powers, though, and the time your requests may take.

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