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Jul 5, 2023

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How to pamper your palate while satisfying your appetite for travel

Travellers explore the world for many reasons: breathtaking scenery, unique adventures, learning about new cultures and creating unforgettable memories. Destinations are also drawing travellers with their mouthwatering cuisines. If you’re a foodie, consider these palate-pampering experiences:

Jordan: Dig into Zarb

Jordan is a country of fascinating sights and extraordinary landscapes, best known as the home of the ancient kingdom of Petra and the sandstone mountains of the Wadi Rum desert. It’s also a destination that caters to taste buds.

Just as the Peruvians have their traditional Pachamanca and Maoris in New Zealand have Hangi, the Bedouins have Zarb in Jordan. This delicious dish is cooked slowly in an underground pit. A combination of lamb or chicken and vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and zucchini are combined in a covered, three-tiered grill. The grill is then buried underground beneath layers of sand and left to cook for two to three hours. Come serving time, the Bedouins unearth the grill to enjoy its delectable contents.

Three bowls of hummus on a wooden table.

Israel: Top pick for incredibly fresh produce

Israel’s culinary scene is a mix of European, Arabic and Asian traditions, attracting foodies searching for authentic Israeli fare, fusion dishes and world-renowned wines. If the “land of milk and honey” is on your itinerary, be sure to sample its many delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to Israel’s year-round growing season, you’ll find everything from fresh tomatoes, eggplant and peppers to melons, oranges, bananas, berries and dates on your plate at mealtime. From the fertile Jordan River Valley to the shores of the Mediterranean, the produce in Israel is unmatched.

A group of bowls of food.

Tokyo: Savour the world’s best sushi

Few cities in the world can compete with Tokyo’s gastronomic offerings. There are foods for all budgets and tastes – from beautifully presented vending machine food to world-renowned Michelin star restaurants and everything in-between. And if you have a penchant for fine dining, Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin stars in the world.

A sushi chef holding a tray of sushi.

A visit to Tokyo isn’t complete without trying sushi – more specifically, nigiri – Japan's most popular type of sushi. Nigiri is a hand-moulded sushi of rice seasoned with rice vinegar and topped with a slice of raw fish. You can also get the hand-rolled sushi (temaki sushi), nori-rolled sushi (popular in the U.S.) and su-meshi in tofu bags.

Thailand: Tuck into a pad thai omelette

With its exotic flavours and beautiful presentations, Thailand is truly a foodie’s paradise. A must-try is one of the country’s iconic dishes: pad thai wrapped in an egg omelette. Unlike the pad thai we are accustomed to in North America, Thailand’s pad thai consists of stir-fried flat rice noodles mixed with bean sprouts, scallion, shrimp, tofu, chilli flakes, peanuts and special sauces – all wrapped in delicate, crepe-like omelette. You won’t have far to look to sample this dish: pad thai is a comfort food and a staple in almost every food court, street cart, fresh market and restaurant.

A person is preparing food in a wok.

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