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Jul 13, 2022

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Sink your teeth into frozen delicacies from across the globe. From creamy kulfi to brightly coloured paletas, these six tasty options are sure to keep you cool.


Satisfy your caffeine craving with a smooth Italian affogato.

This quintessential European coffee drink features a scoop of creamy vanilla gelato topped with an espresso shot.


An iconic Filipino dessert, halo-halo, or “mix-mix” in Tagalog, is typically served in a tall sundae glass with a long spoon.

As the name suggests, the refreshing shaved ice treat includes multiple layers of ingredients and toppings that when combined, pack a burst of flavour and texture into each bite.

Common ingredients include sweet beans, fruit jellies, leche flan, tapioca pearls, coconut strings and ube ice cream, which is made from purple yams.


This dairy-based delicacy from India is made by slowly boiling milk over low heat to create a thick, custard-like texture.

Fragrant spices such as saffron and cardamom are added to the creamy kulfi before it’s frozen and topped with finely chopped nuts upon serving.


These colourful ice pops are typically found at roadside stalls and in dedicated paleterias in Mexico.

A far cry from plain popsicles, these artisanal treats come in a variety of sweet and occasionally savoury flavours.

Water- and milk-based frozen paletas are prepared with specialty ingredients like tropical fruits, nuts, tamarind, dulce de leche, chocolate and avocado.


This ancient Persian granita-style dessert from Iran combines sweet rosewater with strings of thin vermicelli noodles for a refreshing crunch.

Infused with a sweet floral flavour, delicate nests of semi-frozen rice noodles are topped with freshly squeezed lime, a drizzle of sour cherry syrup or chopped pistachios.


South Korea’s favourite frozen treat features a mountain of snowy shaved ice made with either water or milk and piled high with delicious toppings.

Traditional bingsu is drizzled with sweetened red bean paste, but contemporary versions include everything from chunks of fresh fruit and mochi to condensed milk and Oreo cookie crumbs.

Let your taste buds guide you while on your journey to find your new favourite summer snack.

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