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May 29, 2023

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We all love a great summer vacation, but have you ever wondered what your ideal getaway is? After all, summer adventures come in countless varieties. Just because you’ve been vacationing one way doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy a different kind of experience. To see what kind of summer adventurer you really are, select as many of the statements below that you feel describe you.

  • A potluck with friends and watching the sunset from the deck would be my perfect day. (C)

  • I can pack a whole lot of fun in-between sun-up and sundown. (B)

  • I always have a good book to curl up with in case it rains. (C)

  • I can spend hours browsing online for new things to do near me. (A)

  • I consider myself to be a spur-of-the-moment kind of person. (D)

  • I only wear shoes when I must. (C)

  • Discovering an antique barn down a bumpy road can make my day. (D)

  • Sure, I can unplug but only for a little bit. Then I start to get antsy. (B)

  • Some of my best vacations take place in my own backyard. (A)

  • The best discoveries are the unexpected kind. (D)

  • I am a firm believer that getting there is half the fun. (B)

  • I love being “in the know” and telling others about hidden gems I found. (A)

  • I could sit and listen to the water lap beneath the dock for hours. (C)

  • I’m saving for something big, so I don’t want to spend a lot on a getaway. (A)

  • Just give me a full tank of gas and let me explore. (D)

  • I don’t mind getting up early when I have somewhere fun to go. (B)

  • I love showing out-of-towners how great my city is. (A)

  • Why turn on the radio when you can listen to cicadas and crickets? (C)

  • When life throws you something unexpected, that’s when the real fun begins. (B)

  • Quirky roadside attractions? Yes, please! (D)

Two women holding sparklers and laughing at a night-time outdoor gathering with a camper van in the background.

Now comes the fun part. Once you’ve checked off everything that describes you, see which letter (A, B, C or D) appeared most. Then, read on for a description of what type of summer adventurer you are.

A) The Staycationer. You’re in on the secret: a vacation near home lets you explore and sleep in your own bed at the end of the day. You’ll love discovering what gems lie in your own city. Play tourist and go where out-of-towners flock to — your CAA Membership saves you money on all kinds of attractionsmovies and live theatre shows. Hop on a bike and explore different neighbourhoods. Or light a scented candle and indulge in a little you-time. Discover why some of the best vacations are at home.

Family enjoying a ride at an amusement park.

B) The Day Tripper. You know great memories can be made in a day. So, think about places to explore just a few hours away. Pick a destination and gather essentials like a water bottle, bug spray, sunscreen and a sun hat. Next, pack the car, keeping entertainment and snacks close at hand for the kids. Be sure to schedule a bite along the way – CAA Members save and earn rewards at many great restaurants.

A child sitting on an adult's shoulders, both surrounded by trees.

C) The Cottager. Chilling by the lake and a soundtrack of cicadas and crickets is your idea of the perfect day. So, plan an escape to a cabin, cottage or the lake. Load up on ready-to-serve food and water toys – CAA Members earn CAA Rewards® when shopping online. Also, stock up and save and earn rewards on craftsgames and puzzles, in case it rains. If you’re heading out on the lake, be sure you’ve got a boat safety kit with you.

A person sitting on a wooden dock by a serene lake, surrounded by forest, enjoying a tranquil moment in nature.

D) The Road Tripper. You prefer the scenic route, and back roads are your happy place. So, plan a driving adventure! Stock up on car-friendly games for the kids, put a first aid kit in the trunk and plan a route. Getting there is half the fun, so be sure to include quirky landmarks and small-town attractions along the way. Remember, your CAA Membership gets you discounts on hotelsfuel at Shell* and places to eat.

A family getting out of their minivan at a fuel stop on a sunny day.

Whether you’re exploring near home or heading farther away, you’ll want to ensure your car insurance is in order before your summer adventure. CAA Auto Insurance** offers complimentary policy reviews to help you check that you have the right insurance for your needs. If you’re a low-mileage driver, you might be able to save with CAA MyPace® <. A licensed CAA Insurance Agent can tell you, so why not get a quote today? Call 1-888-307-6504 or complete a quote here.

Happy summer adventuring!

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