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Sep 23, 2023

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The ocean’s most feared predators—and among the planet’s most threatened vertebrates—need our help. Aboard the research vessel of Atlantic Shark Expeditions (ASE), shouting “SHARK!” scares no one. That’s because spotting the great white is the goal. But these encounters are not merely recreational—guests on the ship are put to work collecting real-world data.

They’re led by Neil Hammerschlag, founder of the Nova Scotia-based company, which is permitted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to conduct ongoing research in the service of shark conservation. Changing perceptions about sharks is a major goal, says Hammerschlag, because “people protect what they love.” Guests can dive with the sharks—safely tucked into a cage, mind you—and take up-close photos.

This helps researchers identify individual sharks and monitor the local population. Participants are encouraged to share their photos and observations, feeding a repository of knowledge that can help these mighty creatures endure. This is citizen science at work, funded by eco-tourism—for the love of sharks.

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Trips run August through October, leaving from Liverpool, N.S., about a two-hour drive from Halifax Stanfield Airport. $395/person. atlanticsharkexp.com

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