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Jul 1, 2023

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Ideas for where to go on your next big adventure

Do you have a long wish list of must-visit destinations? You’re not alone. These days, many travel lovers are finally starting to cross destinations off their lists; they’re planning those once-in-a-lifetime trips they’ve been postponing over the past few years. Now that the world is your oyster again, where will you go?

If you need inspiration, these are the top destinations today’s travellers are booking:

Australia and New Zealand

From iconic landmarks like the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House, there have always been intriguing reasons to explore the world down under. New, immersive experiences like getting a taste of Maori culture in New Zealand and dining beneath the stars at Ayers Rock are making this destination even more enticing.

Prefer to explore beyond the expected? Wine lovers are flocking to Australia’s Barossa Valley – one of the world’s finest wine-producing regions, well-known for its Shiraz. And active travellers are heading to New Zealand’s South Island to experience Queenstown — the “adventure capital of the world.” Wherever you head, you’re sure to collect unforgettable memories.

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With its many enchanting sides, Japan is both dazzlingly electric and serenely mystical. There’s so much to discover in this part of the world. Explore Tokyo and let the rhythm of the pulsating, neon-lit streets and towering skyscrapers transport you into a modern world unlike any other. Or board the Shinkansen bullet train to wander through the ancient Ise Shrine and surrounding quiet thatched-roof village. With its opulent palaces and temples, splendid tea ceremonies, indulgent hot springs and mesmerizing Mount Fuji, the fascinating duality of Japan’s past and present can be felt at every turn.

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With its bright blue skies, palm-fringed beaches, warm waters and towering volcano, this South Pacific island paradise tends to top wish lists everywhere. But beyond its six enchanting, visitable islands, there’s also Hawaii’s rich history and culture to discover.

Delve into the history of Pearl Harbor at the World War II Valor and the Pacific National Monument. Immerse yourself in Hawaiian history at Iolani Palace and learn about the Hawaiian monarchs and the takeover of Hawaii by the U.S. Experience Hawaiian spirit at a luau, where hula dancers demonstrate this ancient art form, originally performed for the volcano goddess Pele. There’s so much to do when you say “aloha” to Hawaii.

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