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Jan 21, 2020

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For a beach vacation that’s off-the-beaten-path, Negril, Jamaica, is one of the best-kept secrets in the Caribbean. A hangout for hippies and musicians in the 1970s, this idyllic spot on Jamaica’s western tip is perfect for those seeking authentic local cuisine, lively nightlife and some of the best beaches the island has to offer. Here are six reasons to pack your bags now.

Jamaica’s famously beautiful beaches

An aerial view of a beach with palm trees and white sand.

With panoramic ocean views, soft white sand and a lush tropical backdrop, Seven Mile Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Jamaica. Spend a day swimming and snorkelling in the clear waters, lazing in the sand, and chowing down at the abundant beachfront bars and restaurants.

Incredible food you have to try

Food at or somewhere near the resort.

Negril has a slew of spots offering delicious authentic Jamaican cuisine, ranging from no-frills beach huts selling grilled lobsters to five-star oceanfront restaurants serving seafood delicacies. Don’t miss the spicy jerk chicken at 3 Dives Jerk Centre and enjoy breathtaking cliffside views at Rockhouse Restaurant, where the blackened Mahi Mahi, coconut chicken and curried shrimp promise to delight.

Spectacular sailing and sunsets

A catamaran sails in the ocean at sunset.

For an unforgettable experience, take a luxury catamaran cruise at sunset, complete with snacks, cocktails, tunes and snorkelling over colourful reefs. Negril is known for its sunsets, so get ready to snap some Instagram-ready pics to keep your memories warm for the rest of the winter.

Jamaican Culture and reggae revelries

A beach with palm trees and lounge chairs.

You can listen to reggae anywhere in Jamaica (the birthplace of the genre), but Negril is legendary for hosting stellar shows. One hot spot is Bourbon Beach–a vivacious venue on Seven Mile Beach that attracts fun-loving tourists and locals alike. Sip a Red Stripe while listening to live local acts and dance on the beach late into the evening.

Tourist attractions and experiences like cliff diving

A group of people on a cliff above a body of water.

Grab a table on the terrace at the famous Rick’s Café and watch daredevils plummet from 35-foot high cliffs into the turquoise ocean below. Got guts? Bring your bathing suit and try cliff diving for yourself.

All-inclusive vacation deals and impressive resorts

Two thatched lounge chairs on a white sandy beach.

In Negril, hotels are no taller than the average palm tree and there is a variety of accommodation available for every type of traveller. From sprawling, all-inclusive family-friendly resorts, such as the Beaches Negril Resort, and romantic boutique hotels to luxurious spa retreats for total relaxation seekers (try the stunning waterfront Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel), wherever you check-in, a warm welcome is guaranteed in Negril.

Ready to go?

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Image credits: Courtesy of Beaches Resorts, Beautiful Destinations & Jamaica Tourist Board, Rockhouse, islandroutes.com, Ralf Liebhold/Alamy Stock Photo, Jon Arnold Images Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

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