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Apr 17, 2024

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4 Misconceptions About E-Bikes Illustration by Sam Island

More people are discovering the fun and convenience of electric bikes, but for some, e-bikes are still new. Transportation consultant and policy advocate Jamie Stuckless, whose firm promotes mobility and active transportation, helps clear the air regarding confusion about e-bikes.

Myth: You can ride your e-bike wherever and as fast as you like.

The maximum assisted speed for e-bikes in Ontario is 32km/hr, and some trails and paths may have lower posted speeds for people cycling. The rules about where e-bikes can be ridden varies slightly by community. However, they are typically allowed wherever non-electric bikes are allowed, unless specifically prohibited.

Myth: Anyone who can ride a bike can ride an e-bike.

“In Ontario, the legal minimum age for riding an e-bike is 16,” says Stuckless.

Myth: E-bike riders aren’t true cyclists and don’t get much of a workout.

“Studies have shown that people who have e-bikes actually get a really good amount of exercise,” notes Stuckless. “They help people bike longer distances and help them bike later into life as well.” E-bikes aren’t just for exercise, she adds, as they’re also great for commuting, getting outside and having fun.

Myth: E-bike riders don’t need a helmet.

Wrong. Ontario law requires you to wear a helmet if you’re on an e-bike.

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