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Sep 22, 2020

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We all know that it’s important to stay up to date with the maintenance schedule of our vehicles. If you don’t keep on track with a scheduled oil change or brake service, you run the risk of damaging your engine or causing needless problems down the road.

Still, with daily schedules and other commitments taking up our valuable time, it's important to schedule a service appointment that's convenient for you but also well-timed to ensure the work is done promptly and accurately.

It's generally accepted there are better times of the day or week to visit certain retail stores but is there an ideal time to schedule a car repair?

For advice, we turned to the experts at CAA's Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS™). They're the pros who operate auto repair facilities meeting stringent CAA standards for quality service at fair prices.

Timing is everything.

Bob Ward is the owner of The Auto Guys repair facility in St. Thomas, Ontario. He had a few suggestions about the best time of year to bring one's vehicle in for scheduled services.

"The April/May and October/November timeframes are generally quite busy," said Ward. "Seasonal tire changeovers and their related repairs mean those months can be a hectic time for garages." This makes a lot of sense, especially in jurisdictions where winter tires are mandated by law.

Still, this doesn't mean one should completely avoid auto shops during this time, especially if your vehicle needs attention.

"AARS facilities like ours work on an appointment system," Ward said, and explained that your car will receive undivided attention even if it is quite busy. "Most good shops offer vehicle pick-up and delivery during the week which is very convenient for customers."

Drilling down to specific times of the week, it would seem that weekends are indeed busier than most weekdays. "Our Saturdays are usually booked up," Ward explained. "Plus, we’re only open for a half day and do not have full staff on."

Answering the question of why most garages are shut on Sunday, Ward said it is generally an issue of parts suppliers being closed, limiting the work that can be done that day. This is the same reason why daytime is better than night for shops to complete repairs.

The experts at CAA can help you find a convenient and knowledgeable repair facility. Our Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) program has been identifying facilities that meet the CAA's strict standards since 1975.

AARS takes the guesswork out of obtaining quality motor repair service at fair prices and only an approved outlet is entitled to display the CAA Approved Auto Repair Service sign. As a bonus to our members, these garages can provide warranties on their repairs.

The CAA Auto Advice team provides Members with free automotive advice. If you have questions about car care, buying a new or used vehicle, auto repairs, vehicle inspection, driving costs and more, contact us by phone at: 1-866-464-6448 or email us at: autoadvice@caasco.ca

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