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Sep 30, 2021

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Changing your tires to the winter rubber is an important part of every Canadian’s seasonal tasks. Ensuring there is enough traction underfoot when the inclement weather starts is key to making it through our nation’s snowy months without incident.

But it can be a hassle to load all four tires into the trunk of your car and then wait while they’re being changed over. Then of course, you’ll have to haul your all seasons home to store away until springtime. That’s where CAA can help.

Appointments that fit any schedule

As a CAA Member, you can book a convenient and safe appointment with our Mobile Tire Change1 service. Members can enjoy tire changes performed right in their driveway. Appointments are available seven days a week so you can get your vehicle ready at a time that’s convenient in your schedule.

Getting ready for the appointment

Upon arrival, a technician will ensure that the conditions are safe to perform the tire change. This means that there is adequate space around the vehicle for the technician to work and that your driveway has been cleared of snow and ice.

To help ease the process, Members are encouraged to have the tires in a place that is easily accessible to the technician. If your tires are stored in a shed in your backyard for example, it’s helpful to retrieve them and have them on your driveway and ready before the service provider arrives.

Tires should also be mounted on rims, and if they have a locking nut, make sure the key is on hand.

It can take up to 90 minutes for a single set of tires to be changed, which technicians can perform on cars, SUVs and trucks.

Book your appointment today

CAA Members can also receive a $20 multi-vehicle discount with back-to-back bookings. CAA Auto Insurance Members also receive a $30 discount, which can be combined with the multi-vehicle discount. To book an appointment, visit Winter Tire Change.


Conditions apply for Mobile Tire Change. Visit caasco.com/auto/mobile-tire-change for more information.

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