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Feb 23, 2024

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Planning your vacation can be exciting as you prepare to get away from your routine. But to plan your getaway without travel insurance is like setting out without comfortable walking shoes – a risky venture. Some travellers might believe they are fully covered when the reality is they’re not. In this blog, we'll explore common misconceptions about travel insurance, shedding light on the gaps that might exist in your current coverage.

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Unveiling coverage gaps in employee benefits.

Many travellers believe their employee coverage provides benefits for travel insurance. However, most employers only provide medical coverage which does not include comprehensive benefits. This falls short by excluding protection for issues like lost baggage and trip cancellation and interruption. Your employee medical insurance may have limitations; our 'Know Your Coverage' checklist helps unveil these gaps.

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Credit card coverage variations and limitations.

Credit card coverage varies widely, with restrictions and limited perks. It may exclude trip cancellation or interruption insurance and might apply only when using the specific card. Explore these nuances and check coverage limits. Our checklist aids in understanding your credit card's travel insurance coverage.

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Gaps in provincial health care coverage.

While a government plan provides basic coverage within Canada, it doesn't cover everything. Government bodies highly recommend purchasing supplementary travel insurance for out-of-province travels, even within Canada. This ensures you're protected for emergency medical expenses, ambulance services, prescription drugs and more.

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Travel insurance – your peace of mind, your way.

No matter your frequency or destination, the key is to journey with peace of mind. Travel insurance is not just a safety net – it's a customizable shield against the unforeseen. As you plan your next adventure, reconsider your current coverage and explore the options that best suit your needs.

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