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Dec 8, 2023

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It can pay—literally—to regularly review your auto insurance coverage. After all, on the journey of life, your driving habits tend to evolve. Here are some questions to consider next time you’re thinking of shifting gears.

1. Driving fewer than 12,000 km a year? Are you driving less in winter now, or less in general? It might be time to switch to CAA MyPace®, which allows you to pay a base rate to protect your car, then purchase coverage in 1,000 km increments as you drive

2. Ready to be rewarded for being a safe driver? CAA Connect® is a usage-based insurance program that uses personal driving habits—including low mileage, rate of speed and the time of day the vehicle is being operated—to provide a discount. By adopting safer driving habits, you could save up to 15% on your CAA Auto Insurance premium after one year.

3. Time for winter tires? Winter tires give your vehicle dramatically better traction in snow and ice. That’s why CAA offers a discount when you switch your tires.

4. Questioning how you can bundle and save on your auto insurance? Get 10% off CAA Auto Insurance and up to 12.5% off CAA Home Insurance, plus complimentary CAA Tire Coverage.

5. Thinking it’s time to change lanes? You don’t have to wait until your current policy is up for renewal to cancel and switch. CAA offers a calculator tool (caasco.com/RateCalculator), so you can quickly see how much your auto insurance cancellation fee would be.\

A licensed CAA Insurance Agent can help. 

Visit caasco.com/insurance/auto to get started or for a complimentary quote.

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