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Jun 14, 2022

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If you’re en route to Edmonton or Halifax, you may still have to deal with lost luggage or stolen documents. Or you might even require emergency medical care.

Here’s why travel insurance is essential for trips within the country, not just for international holidays.

Emergency medical expenses

You may assume your provincial health plan, work benefits or credit card has you covered. But if you’re travelling out of Ontario, you could still be responsible for the cost of an ambulance, hospital stay, prescription medication, physician’s fees or emergency dental work.

It’s not just insurance providers that suggest additional protection—the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) recommends it too.

Coverage limitations

If you’re relying on your credit card for travel insurance, keep in mind it’s often limited and may not include medical expenses.

Before you go, find out exactly what benefits are included and what you’re entitled to. Consider buying an additional policy to fill in any gaps.

Look closely at your employee work benefits too. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance through your employer is often reduced to a specific amount per passenger that may not cover all of your expenses. And it likely doesn’t include a cancellation benefit.

Benefits of the Single Trip Canada Vacation Package

CAA already offers the Canada Plan, which provides emergency medical insurance for travel within Canada.

CAA is now offering the Single Trip Canada Vacation Package plan, which includes complete coverage for emergency medical treatments up to $5 million. It also covers Covid-19, trip cancellation and interruption, baggage and lost travel documents, as well as holiday protection for vacations up to 365 days in Canada, outside of your home province. Even if you have a pre-existing medical condition, coverage is still available.

Or if your pet becomes ill while you’re away, the plan offers up to $500 to transport them home and up to $300 for their emergency veterinary care.

Next time you’re booking a visit to another province, don’t forget about travel insurance so that you’ll have peace of mind wherever you are in the country.

Update your policy

Before planning your out-of-province vacation, speak with a CAA Travel Insurance CAA Travel Insurance expert to ensure your travel insurance plan will cover any unexpected trip or medical expenses.


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