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Apr 25, 2024

2 min. read

Great E-Bike Trails in Manitoba

Illustration by Sam Island.

Patty Wiens says one of her favourite things about summer is “the ability to leave my car at home and get just about anywhere in the city on my e-bike.” And, for her, that includes taking it to the trails.

Wiens is the secretary and newsletter editor of Bike Winnipeg, an advocacy group that’s working to make year-round cycling accessible to all. On any bike trail, “e-bike riders should always be considerate to all other trail users,” says Wiens, noting too that it’s important to check trail rules to ensure that e-bikes are allowed.

Some of Wiens’s favourite asphalt trails for e-biking in Winnipeg include Yellow Ribbon Greenway, a 5.5-km pathway that connects to the Sturgeon Creek Gateway Trail System, a 4-km trail that runs adjacent to the creek. She also likes Northeast Pioneers Greenway, formerly a CPR rail line that’s now a 5.5-km cycling path alongside Tall Grass Prairie, a thriving habitat for local flora and fauna.