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Nov 1, 2022

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Eager to reschedule that tropical vacation, or the tour of the historic streets of Europe that you cancelled years ago?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of planning your much-anticipated vacation, but don’t forget to pack your travel insurance.

Travel today

Vacationing is different than it was before the pandemic. The travel industry has seen a huge increase in demand, while also facing labour shortages.

Travellers should be prepared for flight delays, misplaced luggage and long lines at the airport.

While this doesn’t mean you should cancel or delay your trip plans, you’ll need to remain patient and keep your travel insurance policy handy.

Benefits of non-medical coverage

Many travellers understand the importance of travel insurance, particularly medical protection that covers Covid-19.

But did you know that non-medical coverage takes your policy a step further, and can help you with unexpected nuisances like lost bags, trip delays and flight cancellations?

For example, if your plane is delayed or cancelled for a reason included under your policy, trip cancellation and interruption insurance can reimburse you for meals, accommodations and transportation.

Or if a delayed or cancelled flight results in you missing the start of your cruise or tour, it can help with any costs to rejoin.

Did your luggage not arrive at your destination? Baggage coverage can help cover expenses to replace the essential toiletries you need.

Or if your skis didn’t make the trip in time, non-medical coverage can cover the cost of rentals so you don’t miss a day on the slopes.

It may also cover replacing important travel documents, like your passport if it’s lost or stolen.

When things don’t go as planned, the right coverage can help you navigate any setbacks and ensure you still have the best travel experience possible.

Get proper coverage

Connect with a CAA Travel Consultant who can help you find the right travel insurance policy for your trip. Visit CAA Travel Insurance for more information and to compare plans.

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