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Apr 17, 2024

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When it comes to preparing for a family trip, anticipation and planning are part of the fun. If you book well in advance, it not only means you get first dibs on what’s available, it can also save you money and help you travel with peace of mind. Determining the cheapest time to book your flight is a science best left to the experts. Speak with a CAA Travel Consultant at least three to six months in advance of your trip date they can help advise you on the best times to book. Travel Consultants can also help you secure trip cancellation and interruption insurance, so you can book ahead, knowing you’re protected even if travel plans change due to scheduling mix-ups, illness, cancellation or a missed connection.

Count Down and Carry On No more waiting at the carousel and sweating that your bags may be lost! You can actually fit everything you need for a week in a carry-on suitcase—if you stick to this list.

Packing Tips For Your Next Big Trip Illustration by Sam Island

4 light shirts—a mix of short-and long-sleeved options

1 bathing suit and hat—sun protection is important on any summer trip

2 pairs of shoes—they should be comfortable for walking and 1 pair should work for both day and night looks

5 pairs of socks and underwear (you can always do laundry in the hotel sink)

1 dress and 3 bottoms—2 basics and 1 that’s suitable for a night out

Wear a jacket and bulky sneakers or hiking boots on the plane. A scarf can double as a blanket and, later, a swimsuit cover-up. Pack only a few travel-sized toiletries. Most hotels provide soap and shampoo, and, unless you’re headed somewhere remote, you can purchase extra sunscreen or toothpaste at your destination if you run out. Don’t forget your sunglasses, medications, first aid basics and, if needed, a power adapter.

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