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Mar 15, 2024

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As the spring season approaches, many homeowners take on home improvement projects. While enhancing your living space is exciting, it's essential to prioritize preventive measures against potential water damage. Here are valuable tips and insights to protect your home and investment.

Install water leak detectors.

Water damage poses a significant threat to homes, accounting for half of all home insurance claims in Canada. One effective way to prevent this risk is by installing water leak detectors strategically throughout your home. Here are key areas to focus on:

1. Bathrooms

  • Under the sink

  • Behind the toilet

  • In the corner of the bathtub

2. Kitchens

  • Behind the refrigerator

  • Under the sink

  • Near the dishwasher

3. Basements

  • Under windows

  • Around pipes

4. Appliances

  • Water heater

  • Washing machine

  • Freezer

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Outdoor projects to prevent water damage.

April showers may bring flowers, but they can also bring water damage. Protect your home with these outdoor projects:

  • Extend downspouts

  • Install flood shields

  • Yard grading

  • Backwater valves

Stay proactive.

As you gear up for spring projects, make water damage prevention a top priority. Installing water leak detectors and implementing outdoor projects can save you from the costly consequences of water-related issues. Take the proactive steps outlined in this guide to protect your home against potential water damage, ensuring a safer and more secure living environment for you and your family.

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