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Aug 17, 2016

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Keeping children safe is no easy feat. Parents are responsible for them at home and teachers ensure their safety at school. But who keeps them safe when they are out walking, cycling or playing?

One of the most valuable life skills we can teach children and youth is how to remain safe on and around roads, and avoid putting themselves in harm’s way when they are out by themselves. CAA’s Road Safety Resource is a comprehensive online guide that provides teachers, parents and community leaders with interactive ways to educate students about road safety.

Developed by educators, this curriculum-based resource offers engaging and fun ways students in kindergarten through grade 12 can learn through age-appropriate lesson plans and activities.

Road safety topics include lessons, rules and tips on Bicycle Safety, Bus Safety, Car Safety, Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Rollerblading and Skateboarding, Off-Road Vehicles, Owning and Operating a Snowmobile, Pedestrian and Railway Crossing Safety which can be incorporated into the classroom.

But road safety isn’t just for the classroom. Parents, speak with your children about the potential dangers on our roads and in our communities, discuss the importance of being responsible and making good choices, and visit ontarioroadsafety.ca to take advantage of its safety-related resources and interactive materials. After all, the youth of today will become our drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of tomorrow and there is no better way to prepare them than through early awareness and education.

For more information about CAA’s Road Safety Guide, visit ontarioroadsafety.ca/en.

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