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Sep 23, 2019

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As every parent knows, Fall is a whirlwind of carpools to school, practices and other week night activities. Even weekends become filled with driving: road trips for colourful leaf shows, country fairs, apple picking and more. That’s a lot of drive time with kids, and big potential for meltdowns. But by keeping a few essentials in your car, you’ll be able to breeze back into Fall!

  • Sunscreen. Now is the perfect time to hit up attractions without the huge crowds. So whether you’re heading to the wilds of the African Lion Safari, the attractions at Niagara Falls or the spectacular Fall leaf show near the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, slather on sunscreen – even if it’s hazy out, because you can still burn – Shop online at Hudson’s Bay to earn some extra rewards. (Psssst! CAA Members get great perks at these Ontario attractions and lots more, so check online before you go!)

  • Hair elastics and a hairbrush. From ballet practices to sports games, hair needs to be tied back. Yet often these necessities get left at home. Stay ahead of the game (or practice!) by keeping these in your car. Need to stock up? Forever21 has your back… along with special CAA Member rewards online.

  • Snacks. Busy kids need to re-fuel, especially when running straight from one activity to another. Keep dried fruits, nuts, cereal bars and water or juice boxes on hand to help bridge the gap between meals.

  • Hand sanitizer. Whether they’ve been at the Toronto Zoo (CAA Members save 10% there too!) or just munching on a snack, little hands get dirty. Thwart germs with a yummy-smelling hand-sanitizer from The Body Shop… plus earn CAA Dollars® online if you’re a CAA Member.

  • Device Chargers. One quick way to keep the peace on longer road trips is to bring along devices. Make sure tablet and phone batteries stay charged by having a car charger handy. Need to buy one? CAA Members get exclusive savings at The Source instore or online.

  • Pencils and erasers. Turn downtime into homework time by having the right tools at the ready. Ten minutes on homework before an activity means ten less minutes of homework later on, and that’s a very good thing. Need supplies? Shop Indigo online and enjoy special CAA Member rewards.

While we can’t escape the “busyness” that Fall brings, being prepared can make it more manageable. Use your “wait time” efficiently and get yourself organized too. For instance, even if your current auto insurance policy isn’t up for renewal, check to make sure you’re covered for all this Fall driving. Bring your current policy with you, and have a CAA licensed Insurance Agent review it while you wait for the kids. Find out if you’re getting all the savings and perks you deserve. To get started, call 1-855-245-3716go online, or stop by your local CAA Store.

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