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Nov 24, 2020

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Most of us know how important travel insurance is for trips outside of the country. But did you know it’s also important to have travel insurance when you take a trip within Canada?

Although your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) travels with you from province to province, it doesn’t cover all the emergency medical expenses you could incur outside of Ontario.

You may need to pay out-of-pocket for things like:

  • Ambulance services (including transport and paramedic)

  • Home-care services, fees charged by private hospitals or facilities

  • Assistive devices

This is why the Ontario government strongly recommends that Ontarians get supplemental travel insurance if your upcoming travel takes you outside of Ontario.

CAA Travel Insurance1 offers a cost-effective plan to help you travel worry-free, the Canada Plan.

What’s in the Canada Plan?

The Canada Plan offers the following coverage:

  • Emergency Medical Insurance for travel outside of Ontario, but within Canada

  • No exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions

  • Up to $5 million2 in coverage, which includes hospital stays, ambulance services and emergency dental expenses for unexpected illness or injury

COVID-19 coverage.

Since there isn’t a Global Affairs Canada travel advisory related to COVID-19 for Ontarians travelling within Canada, the Canada Plan will cover you for any COVID-19 related emergency medical assistance4, if required.


CAA’s Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance.3

You will also have access to a travel insurance benefit that lets you seek medical attention virtually (by phone or video conference with a licensed physician). This service is ideal for many as it helps you avoid long wait times and reduces exposure to other infections at a medical facility or hospital. Virtual Emergency Medical Assistance also provides medical care when offices are closed and/or prescriptions for minor ailments.

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Other types of coverage to help protect you on your travels.

The Canada Plan will help fill the gaps left by OHIP in case you need emergency medical care. But with the continued uncertainty around COVID-19, there are other types of coverage that are worth considering before you head out across the country.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance.

Trip Cancellation Insurance covers your pre-paid, non-refundable investment if you had to cancel your trip due to:

  • You or your travel companion becoming sick the morning of your departure

  • A sudden loss of a family member

  • Getting called for jury duty at the last minute

  • The unexpected loss of your permanent employment

Trip Interruption Insurance covers unexpected interruptions while you are on your trip. Some examples include:

  • Coverage to get you home due to an unforeseen emergency

  • A missed departure or connection due to weather

  • Accommodations and meals due to a schedule change or a missed connection

Cancel for Any Reason coverage.

Don’t feel comfortable travelling or have other concerns? Also included with CAA’s Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance is the Cancel for Any Reason benefit. You’ll get a refund up to 50% back from any prepaid non-refundable charges. Better yet, if you booked your trip with CAA Travel, you’ll get back up to 75%.

Shared Accommodation coverage.

Included with Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance is Shared Accommodation coverage. This benefit will help you to get back the non-refundable portion of a fully prepaid stay, booked through an approved online platform such as Airbnb or Trip Advisor Rentals.

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A lot can change from the time you book your cross-Canada trip to the time you’re away.

Protect yourself from out-of-pocket emergency medical expenses with the Canada Plan. And cover your vacation investment by purchasing CAA’s Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance.

Speak to one of our travel insurance experts at: 1-833-665-8241 to get started. You can also visit any CAA Store.

And remember, CAA Members save 10% on travel insurance.5

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