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Jul 14, 2022

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Illness doesn’t care that you’re away on holiday. What if you’re travelling abroad and your child comes down with a fever or you sprain an ankle while on a tour?

CAA Travel Insurance can help with a variety of plans to protect you and your loved ones, whether you need to find a doctor or hospital at your destination, an interpreter to speak with medical staff or emergency dental care.

Here’s a checklist to ensure you’re covered on your next vacation.

1. Have a plan

Whether you’re travelling within Canada or abroad, prepare for the unexpected.

  • Check if Global Affairs Canada has issued any travel advisories for your destination.

  • Confirm that you meet all visa, entry and vaccination requirements.

  • Review any limits and restrictions on any travel insurance coverage you have with your credit card, employee benefits or pension.

  • Consider purchasing an additional policy to fill in any gaps.

2. Purchase travel insurance

Medical emergencies, trip cancellation or interruption, lost luggage as well as expenses for replacing lost or stolen personal documents, like your driver’s licence, may be covered by your travel insurance plan.

  • Ensure you have all the necessary information available before purchasing travel insurance, including departure and return dates, the cost of the trip per person and medical history, including pre-existing conditions.

  • Determine if you need medical coverage, trip cancellation or both. Speak with a CAA Travel Insurance expert to go over your options. CAA Members save 10 percent on travel insurance policies.

3. Pre-travel check

Prior to your departure, verify that your documents and credentials are valid.

  • Check that your passport isn’t going to expire within six months of your planned return.

  • Print all tickets, boarding passes, visas and travel insurance information, including your policy number and wallet card.

  • Ensure you have proof of Covid-19 vaccinations and negative test results if required.

4. At your destination

When you arrive, go over what to do in case of emergency.

  • Keep your insurance policy details handy in case you or a travel companion require medical attention. Contact details for CAA Travel Insurance can be found on your wallet card. CAA can provide instructions on what to do next based on your coverage if you get sick or injured.

  • If you require immediate assistance, contact the local emergency service.

With these simple steps, you’re sure to enjoy a worry-free vacation.

Be prepared

If you’re ready to purchase a travel insurance policy now, simply go online and have your policy in minutes. Speak with a CAA Travel Insurance expert to ensure you have the proper coverage and ask about any exclusions and limitations that may apply.

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