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Jan 26, 2024

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Do you know someone who can’t find a family doctor? Maybe it’s you. According to a 2022 Angus Reid survey, half of Canadians either don’t have their own doctor or, if they do have one, can’t get a timely appointment with their physician.

“We know that timely treatment and diagnoses are essential for maintaining good health, but healthcare staff shortages in Canada have made them difficult to obtain,” says Jay Woo, president and CEO of CAA Club Group of Companies. “CAA’s primary mission is Member safety, so we felt compelled to help.”

At CAA, we’re always concerned about Member health and wellness. We look out for you on the road and we’re looking out for you and your family by providing valuable Member benefits. One of these benefits is access to Maple virtual care, an online service that connects you to a certified Canadian healthcare provider in less than 10 minutes.

Our partnership with Maple is just one more way we’re helping to keep Members safe and ready to enjoy all of life’s adventures.

What do Members think? 

“I absolutely love that CAA and Maple have come together,” said one in a post-Maple service survey. “To me, this feature is worth the price of a CAA Membership alone.” Another summed it up this way: “Excellent service, short wait time and easy to use.”

“I hope everyone stays healthy and never needs Maple,” says Woo. “But in the event that they do, I hope Members will find the Maple service helpful and easy to use. One piece of advice I have is to download and log into the Maple app, so it’s ready for you if you need to use it.”

Why use Maple?

  • 24/7 on-demand service

  • family coverage

  • digital prescriptions

  • shareable medical records

  • specialist referrals (additional fees may apply)


How CAA Members can use Maple 

Access Maple through your Internet browser or the app—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sign up now, so you’re ready to access care when you need it. Have your CAA Membership card ready and visit getmaple.ca/caa.

When you need care 

It’s as easy as logging into Maple and clicking on “Get Care.” Be sure to provide information about current medications and existing medical conditions, so your healthcare professional has the information they need. Within 10 minutes, you will be connected with a Canadian-licensed general practitioner (GP). Your visit will start with secure text messaging with the option of adding video.

Is there a fee for CAA Members to use Maple? 

The Maple benefit you receive will depend on your CAA Membership level:

  • Premier Membership: Unlimited free general practitioner consults per year, including one in the U.S.

  • Plus and Corporate Memberships: Five (5) free general practitioner consults per year

  • Basic Memberships: One (1) free general practitioner consult per year

If your household has more than one membership, only one Member needs to register for Maple. You can all use the benefit associated with the highest membership level in your home. Once registered, you can add eligible dependents to your Maple account.

Time for a checkup.

Visit caasco.com/maple to explore the Maple virtual care benefit.

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