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Feb 11, 2021

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Modern recreational vehicles (RVs) are equipped with lavish accommodation areas, comfortable washroom facilities and a cooking area sufficient to satisfy even the pickiest gourmand. They’re also a considerable investment. With this is mind, is it better to rent or buy an RV?

Renting an RV

Renting is a great way to dip one’s toe into this lifestyle without too much financial risk. There are national chains offering the rental of modern and well-equipped RVs, providing the chance for families to discover what they like—or don’t—about RVing in Canada. Ask for a tour of the RV prior to leaving the lot; any reputable renter will be more than happy to show you the ropes before departure.

If you’re renting a trailer-style RV, make sure your vehicle can actually tow it. You can do this by checking the owner’s manual for your car or speak with a CAA auto expert by calling 1-866-464-6448 or emailing autoadvice@caasco.ca to verify whether your vehicle is properly equipped to tow an RV. Also, ensure your vehicle insurance provides enough coverage in case of a collision or damage to the RV.

Some larger campgrounds rent parked RVs, creating a best-of-both-worlds scenario where you can see what RV living is like, without the stress of driving such a large vehicle.

Buying an RV

Buying an RV is exciting, but the sheer number of floorplans and layouts can be dizzying. Make a list of features that are important to your family. Will bunk beds be good enough for the kids? How about the washroom size? Is there enough room inside for everyone to weather a rainy day together? You may have to check out a lot of different RVs before finding the perfect one.

The purchase price is just the start of a financial commitment. You’ll need insurance, along with license plates and registration. Winter storage can be expensive, not to mention the annual maintenance and seasonal preparations. However, you’ll have a valuable asset to call your own and use any time you wish.

Get more with CAA

If you’re thinking of renting an RV for a trip this year, check out CanaDream’s fleet of 1,300 RVs. CAA Members can save between 5% to 10% on the vehicle rental charge with special promo codes. See the current CAA Member offers and codes for CanaDream.

Whether you rent or buy, consider upgrading your membership to include coverage of motorhomes, campers and select trailers with CAA Plus RV. Have a specific question about your car? CAA’s team of Auto Advisors can assist by providing automotive advice on a range of topics including care for your car, repairs, inspections and more. Visit caasco.com/autoadvice, email autoadvice@caasco.ca or call 1-866-464-6448 to speak with someone.

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