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Nov 5, 2019

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When you get your auto insurance renewal notice, do you just check that the amount is about the same as last year's and then renew it? You’re not alone. Many of us do exactly that because it’s well… easier. Likely you spent a lot of time up front to find the best insurance plan, and the thought of doing this all over again holds little appeal. But here are 5 reasons why it pays (quite literally) to review your policy before you renew it.

1. You may not have the right coverage anymore.

You may have too much coverage, or worse, too little. Driving needs can change. If your commute has gotten longer, your policy should reflect that. Or if you’re driving less, you might be paying too much for insurance. If you mostly drive on weekends, you could be saving with CAA MyPace®. It's a payment program for auto insurance designed for people who drive less than 9,000 kilometers annually and well worth looking into.

2. You could be leaving money on the table.

There are all kinds of ways to save on auto insurance if you know where to look.

  • Bundling discounts. Consider having all your vehicles, your home, and even life insurance with one provider to get maximum discounts. Just about every provider will offer this.

  • Member discounts. CAA Members save up to 20% on auto insurance. If you are already a CAA Member or planning to become one, look into CAA insurance.1

  • Winter tires. Seasonal tires help you navigate icy Canadian roads more easily, so many insurance companies will give you a discount for having them.2

  • Safe driving rewards. Are you a good driver? Get rewarded for that! CAA Connect®, CAA Insurance Company’s usage-based insurance program monitors driving habits and rewards you with insurance discounts for safe driving.3

3. You could be getting a bunch of perks.

You could be enjoying other perks beyond saving on your insurance premiums. For instance, CAA’s Forgive and Forget® could help protect your good driving record. Also, as a CAA Member, your membership helps you save at 124,000 retail and service partners across North America.

4. You may not be getting the best value around.

While it’s natural to look at the bottom line for your auto insurance cost, remember to factor in all the perks and discounts you could be getting. That will show you the true value of your auto insurance.

5. Policy reviews are easy – especially when someone else does them.

Making sure you’re getting all of the above can feel overwhelming. The good news is that a CAA Insurance Agent will evaluate your current policy for free, even if it’s with another provider.

So what do you have to lose? Let our Licensed Insurance Agents do the heavy lifting for you and you just may find out how you can be getting way more out of your auto insurance.

Get started or call: 1-833-345-0491.

Terms & Conditions

1To qualify for the discount you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). Eligible CAA Members may qualify to receive a Member Loyalty Discount based on membership tenure and Roadside Assistance usage.  2Underwriting rules apply. Rating applied to vehicles with four (4) winter tires that meet the winter tire designation. Installation no later than November 20 and removed no earlier than April 15.  3Maximum discount while enrolled in the CAA Connect program is 15% on renewal after one year.  ®Forgive and Forget is a trademark owned by CAA Insurance Company. 

®/™ CAA trademarks are owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association.

Auto and Property Insurance are underwritten by CAA Insurance Company. Certain conditions, limitations and underwriting guidelines apply.

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