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Oct 13, 2022

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CAA is proud to announce that Robert Graham of Brant Avenue Public School is the 2021/2022 CAA School Safety Patrol Supervisor of the Year.

The teacher from Guelph is being recognized for his outstanding efforts to keep children safe while they commute to and from school.

Filling a vital role

Graham oversees student Patrollers at Brant Avenue Public School.

He joined the program during the height of the pandemic, when many schools were forced to suspend the program.

Constable Sherry Pettapiece of Guelph Police Services says those were challenging months and praises Graham’s commitment to students.

Exceptional efforts

Pettapiece says Graham often goes above and beyond his duties as a Patrol Supervisor.

He organizes community events and even designed a custom hat for Patrollers featuring the school’s mascot, the Brant Bear.

He also patrols high-traffic areas alongside student volunteers, despite cold temperatures, and serves as a role model.

“He is kind, humble and definitely a leader and a problem solver for students,” Pettapiece says.

Award winner

For his hard work, Graham received a personalized trophy and free CAA Plus Membership, while his school was gifted $1,000 to use towards the CAA School Safety Patrol program.

Founded in 1929, the CAA School Safety Patrol program is a partnership between police, school boards, teachers, bus consortiums and student volunteers. It's active in about 800 Ontario schools with more than 20,000 student Patrollers.

For more information on the CAA School Safety Patrol program, visit caaschoolsafetypatrol.com.

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