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Apr 24, 2024

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The Localer: Lindsay Lorusso Turns Textile Waste into Adorable Kids' Clothing Image of Lindsay (left) and Alexandra Lorusso courtesy of Nudnik.

DURING THE YEARS she spent working at her family’s waste management business, Lindsay Lorusso had a front-row seat to the excesses of the fashion industry, from the piles of textile remnants discarded by manufacturers to the 500,000 tonnes of used clothing destined for Canadian landfills each year. Determined to take action to address fashion’s waste problem, Lorusso and her twin sister, Alexandra, co-founded Nudnik(nudniklife.com)—a brand that turns textile waste into stylish clothing for kids. “Our previous careers in waste management gave us valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the waste industry,” Lorusso explains. “We wanted to make a difference by upcycling textile scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills. We truly believe waste is the greatest resource of our time, and instead of it being generated as a design flaw, we aim to utilize it as an ingredient for new products,” she says.

Nudnik’s commitment to upcycling isn’t the only thing that makes the brand stand out. The company’s signature patchwork garments are unique, genderless and constructed from panels of playfully bright, solid-colour fabrics in contrasting hues. Cheeky slogans such as “Upcycled Fresh” are emblazoned on T-shirts and overshirts, and Nudnik’s signature prints embellish stretchy “playpants” and tees. “Customers appreciate the individuality and eco-consciousness of these styles,” Lorusso notes.

Since launching its online store in 2016, Nudnik has grown steadily and now boasts retailers across Canada and the United States. Next up: expanding the product range to include clothing for adults. “Our ultimate hope for the future of Nudnik is to continue leading the way in sustainable fashion and inspiring others,” Lorusso says. “We’re passionate about creating a sustainable future and we love that our work allows us to combine our passion for sustainability with creativity.”

— Jeremy Freed

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