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Sep 19, 2013

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Getting stuck on the side of the road, locking your keys in your car, dead battery boosts…the list goes on. CAA Service Drivers have helped countless Canadians out of countless predicaments, so last year we introduced the CAA Service Driver Award to recognize some of our top performers.

Based on a set of criteria ranging from quality of service, arrival times, community involvement and feedback, here are 2013’s winners:

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Gold: Rob Gillespie.

  • 13 years with CAA

  • Santa Claus Parade volunteer

  • Known for exceptional problem solving abilities

  • Smart and insightful

  • Role model for younger drivers

  • Strives always to be neat and clean even after a full day of towing

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Silver: Terry Layton.

  • 40 years with the company

  • Santa Claus Parade volunteer

  • Light-Up the Hills volunteer

  • Hauls equipment to events for the Cancer Society

  • Extrication assistance for the fire department

  • Demolition Derby extrication for the Fall Fair

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Bronze: Herc Pereira.

  • Over 25 years of towing experience

  • Active in training, coaching and mentoring new drivers

  • Willing to help many of the new drivers achieve their goals through positive feedback and coaching

  • Professional and polite

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