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Oct 25, 2018

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As an exemplary Bus Patroller at St Joseph Elementary School in Mississauga, Sarah Jackson has demonstrated the ability to handle every situation with ease and grace. Sarah has had to face challenges with both parents and students on the bus rides under her watch; the mature manner in which she resolved each situation has earned her an honourable mention as one of CAA’s School Safety Patrollers of the year.

Care and reassurance.

Sarah’s most impressive accomplishment to date involved helping several special needs students who were new on her bus. It was the first time they were transitioning onto “the big bus” in Grade 7, as part of a program to gain independent life skills. Sarah’s leadership really shone through when she realized one these students needed a bit more re-assurance due to a challenge with another student rider. When Sarah noticed that the student was becoming visibly agitated and hesitant to board the bus, she invited him to sit with her at the front on an ongoing basis, so that he would feel safer and more protected. Over time, this student grew and found the strength and courage to handle the situation on his own. Many of the adults involved credit Sarah’s support as a critical piece towards this student regaining their freedom and he now rides the regular school bus independently.

A straight “A” student, Sarah is an avid volunteer who is involved in numerous school and extra-curricular initiatives – including heading up the school chapter of a local group that promotes mental health awareness for youths in the area. It was therefore no surprise that Sarah decided to get involved with the CAA School Safety Patrol program!  In her own quiet and humble way, Sarah embodies the true spirit of a CAA School Safety Patroller: someone who is simply motivated to help others.

Congratulations, Sarah!

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